Program Spotlight: University of Alabama at Birmingham


Location:  Birmingham, Alabama

Number of students:  80 (possibly more this cycle)

Application Cycle:  May - September in CASPA, supplemental app not through CASPA

Interview dates:  150 interview spots between November-January

Start date:  Starts in Fall

Length of Program:  7 Semesters (27 months)

Public/Private:  Public

HCE:  No specific requirement, but median was ~1000 hours

Shadowing:  No specific requirement, but median ~100 hours

The Good Stuff:

  • No specific Organic chemistry requirements!  This is a big one because that class is pretty ridiculous.  My only C in undergrad.
  • They offer info sessions about once a month if you are interested in visiting.
  • Based on the stats provided on the website, it's about half in-state and half out of state
  • While most programs do not allow working, it is strongly discouraged, but still allowed during the didactic year.  Not during the clinical year though.
  • 5 of the rotations are electives!!
  • This is considered specifically a surgical program so there is more focus on surgery
  • There are plans to increase the number of students by 50% by 2018 (adding 12 students each year to a total of 120)
  • If you live in a southern state, you might be able to get in-state tuition

Program Link:  UAB

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