Up and Coming: Florida State University


Location:  Tallahassee, Florida

Number of students:  40 

Application Cycle:  CASPA by October 1st, and a supplemental application

Interview dates:   For 2017, starting January

Start date: Pending start date in August 2017 (will be evaluated for provisional status in March 2017)

Length of Program:  27 months

Public/Private: Public (In-state tuition for Florida residents)

HCE:  Minimum 500 hours of direct patient care (scribe does not count)

GPA:   Minimum overall of 3.0 and minimum math/science of 3.0

Shadowing:  No specific requirement

The Good Stuff:

  • GPA exception - If you have completed a graduate program with at least 30 hours and your graduate GPA is higher than your undergraduate GPA, you can write to ask for consideration of your graduate GPA.  
  • GRE required in the last 3 years.  No listed minimum
  • HCE exception - If you do not have the required 500 hours, you can take a course at FSU called "Introduction to the PA Profession" that waives this requirement.  They would still like for you to have some patient experience.  
  • Preference is given to Florida residents, South Georgia and South Alabama residents of counties with borders on the Florida line, and veterans

Program Link:  Florida State University PA Program Website

For the most up to date information on PA programs in one place, check out The Applicant’s Manual of Physician Assistant Programs. (Affiliate link)