Program Spotlight: UT Southwestern


Location:  Dallas, Texas

Number of students:  48 in 2016; 54 in 2017; 60 in 2018

Application Cycle:  April - September 1st through CASPA

Interview dates:  September - January

Start date:  May

Length of Program:  30 months

Public/Private:  Public with preference to Texas residents

HCE:  "Strongly recommended"

GPA:  Minimum 3.0 overall and science

Shadowing:  Encouraged

The Good Stuff:

  • Impressive pass rates - 100% first time pass rate for the past 8 years
  • Full cadaver dissection lab
  • GRE must have been taken within the last 5 years
  • Interview process - 2-day interview with 10 mini-interviews
  • <10% of the class is out of state
  • Prerequisite courses must be completed before you matriculate, and must have been completed within the last 10 years
  • Encouraged to have experience volunteering with underserved populations
  • This program has by far the best and most thorough website I've seen for a PA program.  They seem extremely organized.
  • The tuition rates for this school are awesome.  In-state total is estimated around 33,000 and out of state is 76,000.
  • A blog post with an interview from a UTSW student.  And another one as well!  There are some others on this site as well.  
  • Here is a blog post from a previous student at UT Southwestern, and so if you're interested in this program, his site may provide some insight

Program Link:  University of Texas Southwestern PA Program

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