PA School Spotlight: University of Manitoba Physician Assistant Program

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PA Program: MPAS (Manitoba physician assistant studies) 

How long is your program and what quarter/semester are you in?: 26 months and I am just starting out first semester!

Class size: 15

Why did you apply to your program?: It's close to home, it's the only masters program available in Canada and it has a 100% pass rate on the national certification exam!

Why did you end up choosing to attend your program?: It was the only program I was interested in and the only one I applied to. In Canada, there are only 3 programs so far and I didn't want to apply to the states since the tuition costs are much higher than here.

Is there anything unique about your program?: I would say our class size makes us unique, with only 15 of us we get to know each other and become a little family. We also get more time one on one with skills and in the lab. 

What is your favorite study resource?: I like watching videos on YouTube to explain topics. The animations make things much easier to understand and visualize than reading notes.

What is the most difficult or surprising part of PA school?: Since I just finished week one, I anticipate the most difficult part to be balancing all my classes and making sure not to neglect any while studying. It's easy to immerse your self in one topic until you understand it completely, but you might not always have the time for that when you have multiple exams coming up.

What advice would you give to other PA students?: To those just starting (or even mid way through) doubting they will be able to get through didactic year just remember you were selected for a reason and the admissions committee knows what they're doing, you can do it!

Where can we find you?: My Instagram page is @carmenashley_pa 


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