PA School Spotlight: USF Morsani School of Medicine Physician Assistant Program

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Program: USF Morsani College of Medicine PA Program

How long is your program and what quarter/semester are you in?: 24 months. Im currently in my second semester

Class size: 40

Why did you apply to your program?: USF is in my blood because I'm a 3rd generation Bull! My husband and I both grew up in Tampa and went to USF as undergrads as well (Go Bulls!!) 

Why did you end up choosing to attend your program?: USF PA program was always a top choice for me because of the location near my husband's work and our family. The hype of my alma mater finally opening a PA program was a big push for me too and MCOM moving downtown in the next 1-2 years means more job opportunities in the best hospitals of my home town!

Is there anything unique about your program?: USF MCOM is moving to downtown Tampa and is a huge part of the downtown expansion project. This means we have strong ties with TGH and other teaching facilities in our city which makes both rotations and job opportunities appealing. Our PA program has many rotation sites within a 10 mile radius (most of which are on USF property) including 5 rotations (Moffitt, Morsani, VA, Shriners, and Florida Hospital) which are all in walking distance. Since this is only the second year of our program we have a chance to influence the program and our feedback is welcomed by our staff. There are a few of us who hold leadership positions and meet with faculty every few weeks to discuss things we want to change or do to improve our program. 

What is your favorite study resource?: I use so many different resources that its hard to pick just one. Some of my favorites include Osmosis, Smarty PANCE, PANCE Prep Pearls (affiliate link), and other review/recertification books. 

What is the most difficult or surprising part of PA school?: You really can't understand the amount of material and the analogy of “drinking from a fire hose” until you’re in it. You really do study 24/7 and there is no way around it, but at least you’re learning something you love! 

What advice would you give to other PA students?: Stress is your #1 enemy!! Yes, you will be stressed and exam weeks are the worse but you have to try to fight it! Find something that is a stress reliever and really try to give yourself breaks. Take mental and social breaks because its a long journey full of hard work and you deserve it! 

Where can we find you? Instagram: @thereallife_pa, Website: (WARNING: I have been very bad at keeping up with my website since starting school but am always available via instagram!!) 

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