Program Spotlight: South University (Tampa)


Location:  Tampa, FL

Number of students:  24 (rumors of this increasing for 2016 cycle)

Application Cycle:  April 1st - August 1st through CASPA

Interview dates:  July-November

Start date:  January

Length of Program:  27 months

Public/Private: Private

HCE:  Recommended, but no specific requirement

GPA:  Minimum 2.8 overall; recommended science GPA of 3.0

Shadowing:  Recommended, but no specific requirement

The Good Stuff:

  • Quarter system
  • Working is not recommended, but allowed up to 15 hours during the didactic year
  • Interview consists of 3 individual interviews, Behavioral style interviews, 10 people per interview session

Program Link:  South University - Tampa PA Program

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