Up and Coming: Indiana University


Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Number of students: 44

Application Cycle: CASPA by August 1

Interview dates: October

Start date: May

Length of Program: 27 months

Public/Private: Public (less tuition for in-state residents)

HCE: 500 hours of direct patient care (within last 5 years)

GPA:  Minimum CASPA overall GPA of 3.0; prerequisite math/science of 3.2  

Shadowing: Minimum 10 hours

The Good Stuff:

  • Focus on underserved rural and urban communities
  • Cadaver lab
  • Preference given to Indiana residents that live in underserved communities and military/veterans
  • Online courses accepted, with the exception of science courses with labs
  • One prerequisite course that is retaken may be substituted with the higher grade to calculate science GPA through CASPA; any other retaken courses will average the grades
  • Applicants who have previously matriculated into any PA program are not eligible for admittance.  
  • GRE required  

Program Link: Indiana University PA Program Website

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