Program Spotlight: Emory University


Location:  Atlanta, Georgia

Number of students: ~58 (depends on MPH program)

Application Cycle:  CASPA April - October 1st (preference if before July 1st) and supplemental application (rolling admissions)

Interview dates:  October - January

Start date:  August

Length of Program:  29 months

Public/Private:  Private

HCE:  Minimum 2000 hours of direct patient care

GPA: Minimum 3.0 science and cumulative

Shadowing:  No specific requirement, but highly encouraged along with other volunteering hours

The Good Stuff:

  • They have a yearly board review conference for the PANCE and PANRE that has CME. You can also buy this as a DVD series.
  • There are some open house events if you are interested and want to check the program out
  • Coursework must be done the December before you would start the program
  • Require Organic OR biochemistry, so you don't absolutely have to take O-Chem
  • There's a joint MPH-MPA program, which takes an extra year.  You have to apply to each program separately and start with the MPH program before starting the PA program.
  • There are some great community service opportunities with this program
  • From personal experience, they're quick to send out rejection letters if you don't meet the minimum requirements

Program LinkEmory University

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