Program Spotlight: University of Colorado


Location:  Aurora, Colorado

Number of students: 44

Application Cycle:  April - September 1st through CASPA w/ supplemental app

Interview dates:  September - October

Start date: Late May/early June

Length of Program:  3 years

Public/Private:  Public

HCE: No specific requirement

GPA:  Minimum 2.8, with at least a C in all coursework

Shadowing:  No specific requirement

The Good Stuff:

  • Specialized Tracks - They offer 4 different specific pathways that provide extra training in certain areas.  These must be applied for and are limited in the number of students accepted.  The pathways available are rural, global health, urban/underserved, leadership and education, pediatric critical and acute care
  • GRE must have been taken in the last 5 years, unless you have a graduate degree and have previously taken the GRE for that
  • At least 6 hours of Biology credits must be from the past 5 years and must be upper level
  • Out of state tuition is significantly more expensive, but after the first year you can possibly get resident status
  • They offer information sessions from January - April, with also usually one in November

Program Link:  University of Colorado PA program

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