Program Spotlight: University of North Dakota


Location:  Grand Forks, ND

Number of students:  35 (approximately)

Application Cycle: September 1st

Interview dates: October 

Start date:  May

Length of Program:  24 months

Public/Private: Public; Preference given to residents of North Dakota and surrounding states (Montana, Minnesota, South Dakota), but no difference in tuition rates

HCE: 2 tracks - If outside of ND, minimum 3 years experience; if ND or surrounding state, 500 hours with strong science background

GPA: Prerequisites must have B or higher.  

Shadowing: No specific requirement

The Good Stuff:

  • Unique structure - After an on-campus orientation, the first 2 semesters are done online, and may be done at a distance, and then the program alternates between didactic and clinical blocks
  • Article with an interview with a student
  • Focus on serving in rural or underserved populations
  • Organic chemistry only required if doing 2nd track (ND resident w/ less experience)
  • A&P must have been done within 10 years 
  • Clinical Pharmacology requirement within last 5 years
  • No GRE requirement
  • Interview - 20 minute sessions of group/team activity, writing sample, two separate 2-on-1 interviews

Program Link: University of North Dakota PA Program Website

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