Program Spotlight: Yale University School of Medicine


Location:  New Haven, Connecticut

Number of students: 36 

Application Cycle:  April - October 1st through CASPA with supplemental application (rolling admissions)

Interview dates:  Mid-October through November

Start date:  August

Length of Program:  28 months

Public/Private: Private

HCE:  No specific requirement, recommended to have minimum 6 months or 1,000 hours

GPA:  Minimum science GPA of 3.0

Shadowing:  Encouraged

The Good Stuff:

  • Suture practice in live animal labs 
  • Full anatomy cadaver dissection lab
  • Options for electives abroad in either Peru, Spain, or Uganda
  • Elective option of Spanish for Health Care Professionals
  • PA/MPH program can be done in 39 months
  • There's a required thesis paper 
  • Check out the "Virtual Fair" on their website if you are interested in the program
  • Can only have 1 prerequisite course in progress at time of application
  • They do not accept applications from physicians who have finished medical school but will accept students who were unable to finish medical school
  • They have already assumed the name of "physician associate" for the program

Program Link:  Yale PA Program

For the most up to date information on PA programs in one place, check out The Applicant’s Manual of Physician Assistant Programs. (Affiliate link)