Program Spotlight: Duquesne University


Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Application Cycle:  December 1st 

Length of Program:  3 years of undergraduate and 27 months of PA education

Class Size: 40 students

GPA:  Minimum 3.0

HCE: No requirement

Shadowing: Recommended, but not required


The Good Stuff:

  • This program is unique because it is a 5-year program that you start as college freshman with 3 years of prerequisite coursework, and then completion of the PA program.  
  • Service learning is incorporated into the curriculum. 
  • Must take SAT or ACT
  • The program has agreements set up with LaRoche College, St. Vincent College, and Westminister College that allow students to start at their schools and then transfer into the PA program after the third year.  

Program Link:  Duquesne University PA Program

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