Episode 65: The GRE + PA School

While not a requirement for all programs, it's not uncommon for the GRE to be a part of physician assistant school applications. I want to answer some of the common questions that come up in regards to the GRE. Keep in mind that these are my recommendations and there have certainly been success stories of students accepted without stellar GRE scores. We will discuss some resources that you can use to make sure you get the scores necessary to impress the admissions committees and score an interview. One thing is for sure, you need to study for the GRE! Don't write it off and waste your money on the test without taking the time to prepare. I'll discuss things I used, what I wish I used, and recommendations for what you should use to study.

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The GRE + PA School - https://www.thepaplatform.com/blog-2/how-to-study-for-the-gre

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