Pre-PA Assessment

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Pre-PA Assessment

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Send your credentials and we’ll evaluate your strength as a candidate and help you come up with a strategy to become an even more competitive applicant. Great for high school students, undergraduate students, any first-time applicant or reapplicants! 

What's included: 

  • A pre-assessment of your current GPA and experience by a practicing PA

  • CASPA GPA Prediction and calculator

  • A written summary and plan

  • 20 minute Video session with a Pre-PA Coach

  • Unlimited e-mail follow up for questions

Once information is received, turnaround time is 7 business days for the pre-PA assessment.

**For CASPA GPA estimation ONLY - use code GPAONLY at checkout ($30) and receive an Excel spreadsheet with your Overall and Science estimations based on transcripts provided**

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How can a Pre-PA Assessment help me?

  • By evaluating your strengths and weaknesses, we can work together to determine how competitive you are as a candidate for PA schools and formulate a plan to help you become more competitive in the eyes of a PA school admissions committee.

Is there a video session included with the Pre-PA Assessments?

  • Yes, a 20-minute video session with one of our Pre-PA coaches is currently included with the Pre-PA Assessments. This will be scheduled after the written assessment is completed.

I have more questions. Who can I ask? 

  • Shoot an email to if you have any additional questions.