Up and Coming: South University (West Palm Beach)

Location:  West Palm Beach, FL

Number of students: Planning to accept 50 students

Application Cycle: April - November 1st through CASPA

Interview dates: June - unknown due to this being the first class.  Rolling admissions, so likely until class is full. 

Start date: Expected to start first class January 2017

Length of Program: 27 months

Public/Private: Private

HCE: Recommended, but no specific requirement

GPA: Overall >3.0, BCP science >3.0, all prerequisites with grade of C or better

Shadowing: No specific requirement

The Good Stuff:

  • Program is seeking accreditation this year for Provisional status
  • GRE is required, with preference to scores >50th percentile
  • Biochem OR organic chem
  • Courses from 4-yr college or university are given preference
  • Labs recommended, but not required, for General Biology courses
  • On a quarter system instead of semesters
  • Cannot have more than 2 outstanding prereqs at time of application to be considered
  • "Behavioral interviews" - 2 general interviews (either 1-on-1 or 2-on-1), and 1 with the program director

Program Link: South University (West Palm Beach) PA Program Website