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Mock Interview - $120

Once you've nailed your personal statement, you need to rock the interview.  Doing a mock interview will prepare you for the type of questions that will be asked and help calm your nerves.  For more information, check out hte video below. 

What's included: 

  • 60 minutes total with a practicing PA
  • Personalized interview experience based on your application
  • Tips and techniques for your specific interview
  • 20-30 minutes of questions
  • Feedback following Q&A session
  • Written report with questions, answers, and feedback
  • Instructions to record session on Windows or Mac
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  • Duke University

  • Bryant University

  • Kettering College

  • Touro College

  • Chatham University 

  • Samuel Merritt University

  • Western University of Health Sciences

  • New York Institute of Technology

  • University of Alabama at Birmingham

  • University of Wisconsin

  • South University

  • Lincoln Memorial University

  • Augusta University

  • Barry UniversitY

  • Stony Brook University

  • Drexel University 

  • Le Moyne College 

  • Rutgers University 

  • Nova Southeastern University

  • Touro University

  • University of Texas - Health Science Center at San Antonio

  • University of Texas - Medical Branch at Galveston

  • University of Texas - Rio Grande

  • Texas Tech University of Health Sciences Center

All of the coaching that I have received from Savanna throughout the PA application process has been so valuable. She has been there to give me information and advice every step of the way! I feel so much more prepar (4).png