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Getting into PA school is no simple task, as you already know. As programs continue to increase in competitiveness, it is more important than ever to successfully navigate and fulfill the many requirements that are expected of a prospective PA student. Click the button below to let us help you achieve your goals.

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Acceptance is only half the battle. As a recent graduate, I understand the intricacies and stress associated with PA school, from loan repayment to studying for the PANCE, while trying to impress on clinical rotations. Click the button below to gain access to my advice and resources that will be invaluable to any PA student.

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From CME to the PANRE to contract negotiations, many requirements are necessary to be a successful physician assistant.  Let's work together to make our profession the best it can be and stay up to date on all things PA-C!

Physician Assistant School Interview Guide
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Are you worried about the impression you'll leave at your interview for PA school? Not sure if you can secure your spot?

After submitting your application for physician assistant school, the interview is next. Does the thought of a face-to-face encounter that will decide your future scare you? Are you worried about saying the “right” thing? You’re not alone. In Physician Assistant School Interview Guide, Savanna Perry, PA-C walks you through the steps of taking control of your interview and using your personal accomplishments to impress your interviewers. Acceptance to PA school is becoming more competitive every year, and this book will provide the tools to ensure you join the ranks.

In these pages, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Prepare for your specific PA school interview by familiarizing yourself with various interview techniques
  • Stand above the crowd with the knowledge to understand the motives behind the questions
  • Develop thoughtful, mature answers to commonly asked questions
  • Gain the confidence needed to secure your spot in a PA program
Very helpful and great resource! The mock interview really helped me get a feel for what the interview process would be like and I recommended it to my friends applying to PA school
— Review of Mock Interview

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