Very helpful and great resource! The mock interview really helped me get a feel for what the interview process would be like and I recommended it to my friends applying to PA school
— Review of Mock Interview

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I really enjoyed my mock interview with Savanna! She was very sweet and an excellent listener. One thing I really enjoyed about the session was that it prepared me for the “on your feet” thinking that is required in interviews; it definitely made me feel more comfortable in the actual interview setting and showed as I received an acceptance letter! The constructive criticism also helped me work on some of my weaker areas in the time I had between the mock interview and my actual interview.
— Future PA

Savanna has helped me out from the supplementals to my interviews. With my interviews, she genuinely cares for me and goes over each question that was asked when I was in my actual interview. She also gave a write up about my strong points from my applications and my weak points that I should think about when answering questions. The write up is given at the end of the mock interview attached in my email. She was very understanding and really simulated the interview perfectly. I just finished my last of the four interviews the other day and so far I got accepted to one school and waitlisted in the other, still waiting on the rest of the other schools. I honestly would not have done it without her and I felt so prepared. It gave me a competitive edge among the rest of the applicants.
— Future PA